The Flying Tortillas are a group of young performers that incorporate Beakdancing / Bboying, dance routines, acrobatics, tumbling, circus skills and comedy into one thrilling performance.  Some of our skills include leaping over 10 people by doing a round off back flip/lay out on concrete, spinning on our heads, hand balancing, tumbling and much more.  The group is very diverse and promotes a positive message for global and healthy lifestyles for the youth.


Meet the Team


Originally from Bulgaria, I grew up in a very rough environment.  I took up snowboarding at an early age and have always had the competitive spirit.  I first came across Bboying in my high school years and from then on I knew what my calling was.  At age 18 I started travelling all over Europe and finally made the big move to New York City. I was then introduced to street performing during this time which changed my whole perspective on dancing and also gave me the opportunity to move to Los Angeles, which brings me to my current point in my life. Without my dancing I would have never made it to where I am today.  Blessed to be on my career path and able to still enjoy what I love doing most.   

Positivity, hard work and determination always pays off.


As a child growing up in Tucson, Arizona I was always the active hyper kid. Growing up around gangs and drugs, sports was a way to keep me focused.  I was introduced to Bboying in 6th grade and quickly excelled.  Even at the early age of 12 and 13 I was winning competitions against adults.  I had realized then that this dance was for me. My parents were divorced and like most Hispanic families my grandmother played a big roll in my life.  She had always believed in me and knew that this dance would take me places.  Once finished with high school I new where I needed to be, and that place was Los Angeles.   I here I am able to not only stay away from violence and distractions, but to also do what I love.  Dance!

To some people Bboying looks like pointless spinning and sporadic movements, but to me it’s the way I tell my life story. Who I am and where I come from.


Bboying for only 6 years,  I picked up the dance very easily.   Raised by my mother who has also been dancing her whole life which gave me a lot of support.  I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona and in the desert you have a lot of time on your hands.  I would train for hours on end until I would achieve the moves and flexibility I wanted.  My style of dancing would consist more of contortion. As years past my love for competition faded, which has led me to my current passion of Contortion, hand balancing and circus art.  Everything in ,y life has happened for a reason and has led me to this point.  Wouldn’t change a thing.

Proud to be an American


Listeners have described GKEN-E’s sounds as “Audible Happiness”. With a heavy ambient influence, GKEN-E blurs the lines between musical genres. He fuses live tribal percussion with an assortment of hip hop, house and downtempo. All of the music is centered around a message of love, hope, positivity and healing.

Through changing my thoughts and self talk from negative to positive, every single circumstance and area of my life has transformed. I’ve found so much love and bliss that I literally just can’t stop myself from smiling! My goal is to share this love and blissfully positive energy with everyone through my music, and hopefully inspire others to continue down their own personal roads of self transformation! Come smile and love life with me haha!